Fast Followers and Real Likes is a cocktail of fancy features that allows you to grow your Instagram audience rapidly. Here's everything you need to know about the app.

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Tailored Audience

The people interacting following your account are not randoms. The accounts we filter to your posts are individuals interested in your content.

Real Users

We are not using bots to increase engagement. Every person following your account and liking your posts is an actual user.

No Credentials/Passwords Required

Fast Followers and Real Likes is a growth tool with security protocols like none other. This is one of the only apps that does not require you to login using your Instagram credentials.

Increase Post Engagement

Apart from increasing your follower count, Fast Followers and Real Like significantly improves your posts' user engagement by increasing the number of likes.


Increasing your audience on Instagram organically can take months, if not years. If you're looking to fast-track the process and get actual engagement to your posts while substantially increasing your follower count, Fast Followers and Real Likes is the only app you need!


Fast Followers and Real Likes is an Android app that allows you to grow your reach on Instagram organically. If you're looking to speed up the growth of your Instagram account without filling your follower's list with bots, you're at the right place. The tool provides genuine followers, likes, and views you can't get from any other tool. To judge the actual performance of the app, Business accounts can see impressions, profile visits, and video views as Fast Followers and Real Likes go to work.
The algorithm of 'Fast Followers and Real Likes' is simple. You'll need to provide your Instagram username, your niche (i.e., fashion, food, travel, etc.), and the link to the post/reel you wish to promote. After that, we'll start the marketing campaign to increase your likes, followers, and views. The audience that sees your reels is perfectly tailored to ensure that the people viewing your content are interested in your niche. So, the app organically increases your Instagram reach while ensuring that the people following you are real accounts, not bots.
The 'Fast Followers and Real Likes' app is safe to use. The app does not ask for your Instagram credentials. We don't use any bots and don't ask for unnecessary permissions like contacts, files, and cameras either!
No, it does not. Due to Instagram's tendency to hide private accounts from third-party tools, we cannot access private accounts. It's recommended to keep your account public until your campaign is complete. Otherwise, your campaign will pause once you make your account private.
Yes! 'Fast Followers and Real Likes' provides opportunities for users to earn free credits. These credits can be used to run promotions without spending any money.